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sábado, septiembre 29, 2007


Disco de la semana "The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter" JOSH RITTER (SMG-2007)

"To the dogs or whoever" JOSH RITTER
"The temptation of Adam" JOSH RITTER
"Don't you think it's time" BOB EVANS
"Knew, garden hills" MOVIOLA
"Something that I need to hear" BUVA
"That's what the little girls do" THE KNACK
"Walk among us" GIGOLO AUNTS
"Sound of your mind" SHAKE SOME ACTION
"Needs your need" GEORGIE JAMES
"Third time's the charm" THE BELLRAYS
"Entering white Cecilia" THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS
"Tears dry on their one" AMY WINEHOUSE
"Bing bong goes my heart" THE DETERMINATIONS
"Dismal day" BREAD
"Baby driver" SIMON & GARFUNKEL
"Do you wanna be a spaceman" OASIS
"Pull me in" LOOMER
"Nothing left to make me want to stay" SLOAN
"A hand to take hold of the scene" OKKERVIL RIVER
"Ann Leigh" THE SADIES
"Fade to you" MAZZY STAR
"Empty hearts" JOSH RITTER

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